ELCS proofreading policy for M.Sc. short papers in semester 2/2017.

English Language Coordinating Section (ELCS) would like to inform the M.Sc. students of the abstract proofreading policy. We will collect some service charges for proofreding. These money will be kept to help SIT students in any urget case.


Please ask us about payment details via elcs@sit.kmutt.ac.th 


As short paper schedule 2/2017, you can sumit us the abstract after 5 May, 2018 (in case of your advisor already approved your Thai abstract.) The processes are:



1. Please submit us any proof showing the content approval of your Thai abstract from your advisor/committee. You can submit us it as photo or pdf file.


2. Please submit us the full option of your abstract both Thai and English version with Microsoft Word format.


3. ELCS requires approximately 2-3 days to proofread an abstract. 


More information, please contact ELCS at elcs@sit.kmutt.ac.th or 02-470-9866.